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wanna make a career

become a SERVOneer!


exciting robot projects

Whether we do high-end actuators or high-volume projects with challenging cost targets, tons of exciting engineering problems are waiting to be solved by passionate engineers.


Once you are an NDA-covered SERVOneer, you will be amazed which world-renowned brands feature SERVOneering work.


work-life balance

At SERVOneering, we take our fate in our own hands and build our future together. But we still only live once.


SERVOneering is not all about absolutely maximizing revenue. We certainly have to make our livings but we also need to actually live! So, we are used to reminding each other once in a while to go home, to have a beer, to live…


working with friends

At SERVOneering, we make it a point to not just being a group of people working together

“nine to five”. Regardless whether your business card says “intern” or “CEO”. We are all SERVOneers sitting out on our deck having a beer or barbecuing, doing sports or bringing our families along.

Job advertisement

You can't find the perfect job listed here? No problem, then send us an open application.

Mechanical engineer


System architect


software engineer

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