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who we are

we are SERVOneers


unique team

We are unique amongst robotics since we are not really robotics people. We are an international team with backgrounds in mechanics, electronics, electrical drives, control, and many more – basically everything you would need to build nice mechatronic actuators.


We are an actual team since we are more than a group of people working together. Many of us have been friends for years. We share many areas of life: doing sports, bringing our families together, making our office a place we like coming to in the morning…


robot enthusiasts

Even though we have not originally been “born” into the robotics world, we all share a passion for this glamorous, evolving field of technology.


“Building robots” is fun and we are a couple of lucky guys who can make their daily living of what they consider fun.


proven history

Each SERVOneer has his own piece of history with either components or actuator systems so that we bring many years of relevant experience to the SERVOneering table.


We all “grew up” in service-provider businesses so that “working with clients” is part of SERVOneering DNA. For us, this means pushing technical limits while always keeping an eye on cost, because we only can be successful if our client is successful.

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