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how we work

outside-the-box development with focus on our clients' needs


owned by OEM

“We play by the rules of our clients.”

The OEM always owns our joint designs so that they do not need to order production from us because they depend on us but rather because it is beneficial for them.



“Trust is to be earned first!”

We keep our clients updated on a weekly basis. They can be involved as much as they want. We’ve done everything from “discussing any other detail” to “delivering a top-notch black box”.


advance by simulation

“Don’t rush into anything!”

Hardware prototypes are invaluable. But there are plenty of effects we can find out faster or even understand at all by simulation. Hence, we address all kinds of physical levels with our virtual prototypes before building hardware.


homework first

“Always be


We may not know our clients’ requirements yet. But we know which tools we will need. We have our supplier network and production processes in place. We have our simulation tools and actuator platforms at hand. We are ready for action.


quality pays off

“You don’t just get lucky. You create lucky!”

In this spirit, we strongly believe that quality work pays off once things just magically fall into place.

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