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why us

triple-win situation



We do not start every other actuator project from scratch. We have our proven architecture platforms and only need to adapt these to OEM requirements. We have a functioning network of preapproved suppliers and their components in our database. We drag and drop these components to build a virtual prototype so that we see joint performance already after a few weeks rather than a few months if we had to wait for hardware. Our series-development and production processes are in place so that we are half way there before we even started.



We are independent and have the world-wide market available to choose the best suited components in terms of technology and cost. We have had our clear niche focus on servo joint modules for years and we have seen plenty of pitfalls and nasty side effects on our way. This made us developed expertise on each single component but lets us also truly understand component interaction on a system level and how to control it. This experience allows us to guarantee our clients their best-in-class joint module for their robot product.

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